Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tomorrow is the Big Day

today is the last day for josiah to be 9 yr old. tomorrow he will graduate to the double digit years. he will be 10!! how can that be? where did those 10 years go? why did they fly by so fast when i remember falling into bed exhausted after chasing him all day wondering what he would be doing, how he would look when he was 5, 10, or older? now i know what he is doing, what he looks like, who he is at 10 yr old. i'm still fall into bed exhausted, but now i feel exhausted and OLD! how can that be? i was young -(ish) when i had him 10 years ago. now, not so much!

a package came in the mail from grandma and grandpa yesterday. joe's gifts from us are wrapped and ready to go. i made him a stamped, handcrafted card to go along with his gift that has crocodiles on it. which he will love.

i still have a cake to bake, after i pick up groceries including eggs. can't bake a cake without eggs in this house. joe's fav italian food, PIZZA, is on the menu for tomorrow night at the local pizzeria. this has become a yearly tradition for his b-day.

even tho i would love to return to those days when he was just a babe in my arms, even just for a moment, we cannot go back in time (no matter what star trek may do in tv land!). we can only go forward and enjoy each moment we have. i plan on enjoying joe's celebration tomorrow and every day afterwards that the Lord gives us together.

give a kiss and a hug to your loved ones and enjoy them! i know i will.

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