Tuesday, November 27, 2007


isn't God good? i just love how He works in our lives. just the other day in my quiet time i was bemoaning that the few mom's i know that have a child with a disability are in other states. there is no one local that i have connected with .... at least that was my perspective.

this morning i had an annual meeting at one of the agencies my son gets services from. after we got done with the paperwork, cindy started talking about her son who has a disability. we have known each other for a couple years, but we usually talk business. you know, health issues, therapies, changes within the state and how it affects our kiddos. this time our conversation steered off onto a more personal path. soon we were sharing our struggles, our blessings, our needs and wants. we felt each others pain and joy. we decided to pray for each other right there in cindy's office and committed to praying for each other.

as i left the agency, i breathed a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for reminding me of my friend i have in cindy. a mother who has walked where i have walked and understands some of the difficulties that challenge me.

it is good to connect with other christians who are walking similiar paths, whether we are in the season of small babies and toddlers, empty nests, having teenagers in the house, going back to work in the marketplace or staying at home and tending our home and hearth ....

God knew my need and had Cindy planted firmly in my path even before i realized it. i feel a little like elijah when he tells God that he alone is left, he is alone. and then the Lord tells elijah "no, there are still 400 prophets alive who worship Me" our perspective is so shortsided. like elijah, i thot i was isolated without others like myself. like elijah, God showed me that there are others. thank you Lord!


Patty said...

Oh yes, God knows each of our needs and meets them. How wonderful you and Cindy got to talk. I have a daughter with a chronic illness (since age 7) who is now 24, she just had a baby 7 months ago that has numerous birth defects, all internal. It can be a lonely walk to have a child with special needs. But never has God let us be alone in our needs. We may feel it at times but it was only a feeling and never the reality. God bless !

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

That is beautiful.

I'm sorry I haven't been great at answering lately.

I'm glad to hear God is meeting you right where you are, and that you and Cindy have chosen to be moms who pray for their sons. How precious is that?

There is a great need in this world for more parents who love their kids that way.