Tuesday, December 02, 2008

and a twittering we will go ...

ok, i finally signed up! i know, i know, i'm the last techie in the world to sign up for twitter. i see on their blog that even shaq beat me to it and set up a twitter acct.

i saw it 6 mo ago or so, but didn't think i wanted to add it to my life, but what the hay! i'm game now. don't tell anyone, but i'm even thinking of joining facebook!

so if you twitter too, you can twitter with me or whatever they call it, at angelmama19

so tell me, do you twitter?


Rhoni Renee said...

I'm renee_daniels. Follow me!

*carrie* said...

cute blog design, Gail!

I can hardly keep up with blogging and rarely get on my Facebook acc't. I won't be adding anything else on-line anytime soon!