Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ready or Not, Here it Comes

2 . 0 . 0 . 9

here it comes! are you ready? are you excited? somehow just the thot of a new year, a fresh beginning gets me all revved up. not sure why, as a couple days into the new year it'll be just like any other day, any other year ... and yet, there is that freshness, that empty white page that beckons me to write something glorious on it, something wonderful. beyond the mundane. the possibilities seem endless when looking at that blank piece of paper called a New Year.

i am a resolutions person. always have been, and probably always will be. again, not sure why as i seldom reach my goals. but i enjoy having them and i think they make me a better person just for striving after something i know i want in my life.

this year as i look ahead, i am resolved to eat better. eat healthy. carve out some healthy b'fast's and lunches for myself.

i'm resolved to workout at the Y. to try a yoga class. to try a pilates class. and to get moving on the treadmill or in the pool: 4x a week.

i'm resolving to continue to declutter. i have been decluttering for 2 years now. a slow process, but a good one. and one i have seen success with.

and i'm resolving to get into the Word. DAILY. a hard one for me, but a necessary one. and i know that God will help me succeed.

how bout you? any resolutions? or are you like my hubby who says if he's going to set a goal, he's not going to wait til Jan 1st!


JCC said...

Gail i like your new background makes me feel like refreshing mine. I'm decluttering right along with you i got a new grill i need to make room for in the cupboard as it won't fit if i don't get rid of stuff. My basement needs some serious work to, so your not alone in the decluttering business. My resolution this year was to be a better mom i guess that something all us mom work on. I want to have more patience for my eight year old this year i swear he is my biggest challenge.

Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

I love the new look as well - very pretty! My main goal for 2009 is to not commit myself to any new activities unless I give something else up. I also want to focus more on my health - not that it's terrible but that I hate always fighting off some illness or other.

gail said...

hey thanks for the kudos on the new background. i like it too. it just feels fresh and bold, but with a twist.

Jenny said...

We have very similar goals! I'll second the other commenter - I love the new look of your blog - the colors are fabulous!!