Tuesday, December 09, 2008

anyone have any cheese to go with my whine? gouda or provolone would be good ...

as you can see from my title, a littel whining will ensue. if you don't care, leave now. if you are curious as to what could be so bad, stay tuned.

hubby decided last week that #1 son only needed melatonin for sleep, that his drug we give with him wasn't needed anymore. and no, he is not a medical doc. the first couple nites were so so, then the nite before last was a bit worse. last evening i asked hubby if he thot we should go back to the drug. his answer: No. so melatonin it was. now you have to know that our son doesn't produce the melatonin and other hormones needed for sleep in the amounts needed for a good nite sleep. so he has to have something to get him to sleep and keep him there.

so last nite around 3am he crawls into our bed. he's awake. i try cuddling with him to get him back to sleep as hubby slumbers on. no go. hubby gets up early to go study for his class. #1 son hears daddy leave the room and starts asking for cartoons. i say no and try to get him to sleep again. no go. so around 4ish i give in and turn on the tv. i try to go back to sleep, but its a half way sleep, always somewhat conscious of what son is doing. at 6 i wake up to see son taking off his pj bottoms. i ask if he has to go potty and he says yes. we go potty and just barely make it in time. i change him into sweats and undies and take him out to living room where hubby is. hubby understandably tells me to go back to bed. i wake up again at 7:30 when they come in to bedroom to get son dressed for school. finally the leave and i try to go back to sleep. wake up off and on for the next 2 hours and finally get out of bed around 10am feeling like crap.

the culprit, all smiles of course

i NEED my sleep! and i need it all one lump sum! all at the same time! without interuptions. it takes me back to the first 3 years of our sons life when we didn't know he had a sleep disorder and he was waking up 2,3 & 4x a nite! and i was getting up with him and trying everything to get him back to sleep.

so today i'm a walking zombie. no intelligent, coherant thots. no complex projects.

now, who has that cheese?

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Sorry it's been a rough day--and night. Hope you'll both get solid sleep tonight!