Friday, December 05, 2008

Gas Prices & Budgeting

even tho i'm trying to be more frugal and spend less money these days, i'm not much for budgeting. i'm not a paper and numbers kind of girl so i leave that up to my hubby. for groceries and sundries, we come up with a set amount of money for the month which goes into my acct and when its gone its gone. same for eating out, and to a lesser extent gas. so this being the beginning of the month, i went to the station around the corner from us and filled up the tank in the silver bullet. its a small tank, so we've never had to spend $50 or $100 filling her up like some folks were doing this summer. but still, it seemed to always take a chunk out of our wallet.

this time tho, i was practically prancing as i got home and gave honey the gas reciept. $16.00 to fill up the tank!!! under twenty dollars, folks! our gasoline is now around $1.67 and could continue to drop. hubby and i are betting each other on whether its gets down to $1.50 by Christmas. (edited a few hours later: just saw the price down now to 1.59!!)

so after i got done prancing around like a disco mama, my next thot was: "now i'll have more money for other things" but since i'm not a budgeter, i'm not sure how much. i don't know how much we were spending on gas when it cost $3.50 a gallon so how do i compare? ever find yourself in one of those dilemnas? i guess i can wait til the end of the month and see if there are any pennies left in the penny jar. of course, this being december and all, its probably one of our spendier months anyway. so i may not see an influx at all ....

how bout you? seen any difference in your budget with the price of gas being back to almost reasonable levels? i love to hear your comments and appreciate the time and effort it takes for you to leave me one.

this pic has nothing to do with this post, except that joe is a great traveler in our silver bullet.


Amazing_Grace said...

I filled up the tank of my van yesterday and I was shocked. It used to be at least $56 or more, but not now. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm just saving the money for later because food prices keep going up and up. :(

gail said...

we used to have a van and i think one time before we sold it it cost 60.00 to fill up!!! ugh.

plus, i made a typo. our gas is 1.67 not 1.87 and today we even saw it down further at 1.59!!!


Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

I just got gas for $1.84 which is great here. With Christmas coming, the money just seems to keep flowing out anyway. :)

Love the holiday background, and thanks for the idea about driving around to look at Christmas lights (on my 5MFSN post). Maybe with the gas prices down, we can actually afford to do that!

Mary Ann said...

We filled up our car for $18 the other day. When gas prices were higher, we were paying $40 a tank for a Neon! That is insane! Gas is as low as $1.55 here now. Yeah!

Our gas budget doubled since the beginning of 2008, now it is back down to what it was before. Woohoo!

I am the" love the budget details type" in our family. :-)

*carrie* said...

Hey, Gail. We're so thankful gas just dropped, since Monica's family and ours will all be driving out to CO in a couple weeks!

Hope you had a good weekend.