Monday, December 22, 2008

birthday recap

thank you to everyone who sent b-day wishes and greetings my way this week. friday was a wonderful day. one of my requests was to be able to sleep in and hubby accomodated me. he took care of getting #1 son up, dressed and on the bus. then he brought in some juice for me around 9am. aaahhh! wonderful.

we had a leisurely morning, i got to chat with my sis on the phone adn then hubby and i headed out. first stop: tully's coffee for some much needed sugar, caffeine and chocolat. then on to the mall. i wore the wrong shoes for shopping, so we didn't last long there. instead we headed over to the craft warehouse where i picked out several items for my b-day gift.

we had a late lunch at a nearby mexican restaurant. chicken enchilada, and tostada---mmm! finally we went home and lazed around, until #1 son came home. he had a great last day at school and his afterschool program.

that evening we met my brother and sister in law at a local pizza place. josiah signed "pizza" constantly as we waited to be served. hubby and sis in law, who have the strange tastes in the family, went for the pesto, chicken, pine nuts and artichoke hearts pizza, whereas my brother, josiah and i went for the sausage, green peppers, olives and pepperoni all- american taste buds concoction. both were delicious. good conversation was on the menu as we discussed the destruction of capitilism in america and politics.

when we waddled out of the restaurant we returned home to watch tv and wind down. all in all, it was a wonderful b-day in my book. and makes the thot of being another year older a little bit more palatable.

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