Thursday, February 25, 2010

Homekeepers Journal 2/23 Edition

I joined in this carnival/meme/what do you call these things??? a few weeks back and love it. But of course, that alone does not enable/propel me/promise a repeat any time soon, so I was delighted to see Mary Ann's post early enough in the day to remind me that this is the day for the Homekeeper's Journal and to be able to play along.

Here’s What’s happening …..

In My Kitchen
... made some more bread from the Artisan Bread Book I talked about here. It came out much better this time around. Using up the last of the pantry/freezer/perishables to make way for next week's beginning of the month shopping trip.

With The Children ... the #1 son is doing fairly well in school. Lost his after school aide that he loved so much and am now breaking in her replacement. Already run into a scheduling conflict with new aide. Sigh ...

What I’m Reading ... Just got a big group of knitting, crafting, sewing books from the library that I'm skimming. Found about 10 projects I'd like to do out of a couple of these books. Now just to find the time to DO rather than READ

What I have been learning ... Through this artisan bread book, I'm perfecting my breadmaking skills. One of my goals is to make my own hamburger buns which can be so expensive at the market, if you want something other than the standard white ones. I'm also picking up my Portugese language book again, reviewing what I learned last summer and pressing on to learn more. I decided even if Michael doesn't want to learn at this point there's nothing to stop me from learning on my own.

What I’ve Been Noticing ... the crocuses, tulip bulbs and other signs of spring popping up. I'm also noticing how messy my house has become and am determined to do something about it!

On The Back Burner of My Mind ... Michael graduates in less than 4 months. So maybe this is more on the front burner!!! And within 5 months we have to be out of these apts. And we have no idea of where we will be. We dont' want to move prematurely in case we are offered a job somewhere other than here, yet I'm itching to get out of these apts sooner rather than later!

In The Deepest Darkest Recesses ... that I have alot more anger inside than I let myself or others see. That I need to find a way to work through those issues that cause anger without hurting those in my life. And that without the Lord working in this area, I will never find a balance in this area.

**Thanks to Sylvia for hosting the Homekeeper's Journal!

Its your turn now. What's going on at your home? I'd love to sneak a peak.

Til next time ...

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