Tuesday, February 09, 2010

How Do You Declutter?

Are you methodical, going through a group of items at one time, sorting out the duds from the keepers? Or do you use the haphazard, scan the room approach? ya, that looks good, I think I'll toss it?

Me, I use the latter method.

I would love to be methodical but I'm not. After 40+ years you'd think I'd accept that about myself, but no .... But I'm trying. Trying to be true to who I am, instead of the self imposed standards of who I think I should be.

What does this have to do with decluttering? Probably not much, except that I know that by not being methodical has resulted in having alot of stuff that I now need to sort thru and toss.

Regardless, I am doing well, even with the haphazard method. Last week was wimpy since I had alot of other stuff on my plate. But this week I've already tossed a old blanket chewed up by one of the dogs we no longer have, an old beach towel that is so worn out to be pathetic, even by my standards. I've tossed some clothes from both my closet and hubby's closet into the "take to the thrift store" box. Along with a bedskirt that doesn't have the other stuff, and some batman wall paper border. #1 son would much rather have clone wars stuff.

So how bout you? How are you doing on your decluttering process?

Til next time ....


Mary Ann said...

I use both methods! Sometimes I go through a cupboard or drawer and other times, I just see something to get rid of. Both ways work!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

OH I am definitely a haphazard kind of gal. Sometimes I do things orderly. But rarely ;)

Hope you get some more decluttering done!

Sherry C said...

I'm haphazard too for sure. Last weekend I dropped off a practically new single stroller I had purchased for Ashley the day before i found out i was having baby # 4 and really needed a double stroller as Ashley not walking yet. Plus baby clothes from both Ashley and Taylor that was hard but I gave them to the Salvation Army and I hope they go to a little one that really needs them.

Together We Save said...

My method depends on my mood... right now I am looking to declutter by tossing & not buying anything new.

Trish said...

I'm usually more of a what-catches-my-eye or is-really-annoying me kind of girl when it comes to decluttering!

I had cleaned out my nightstand a few months ago, and recently realized the drawer had gotten stuffed again. I cleaned it out earlier this week and was surprised how much less time it took than the first time, even though it was full.