Thursday, February 04, 2010

Homekeepers Journal

My friend Mary Ann
has been participating in the Homekeepers Journal for a few weeks or so and I love seeing what's up with her and her home. Today, I'm taking the plunge and joining in the fun. It all begins over at Sylvia's place Christian Homekeeper Networker

What’s happening in my home...
I love the quiet in the mornings after hubby and son have left for school. For the last 7 years, since hubby's accident, hubby has been home alot! It hasn't been a retirement so much as more like a sabbatical. But this is his last semester of school, and soon he will working full time again.

In my kitchen .... I got the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day for my birthday after hearing so many positive reviews from around the blogosphere. I finally got around to getting all that I needed and put together the starter last night. Can't wait to bake my first loaf and see how it turns out.

With our marriage ...
Michael and I are best friends. We play cards or backgammon every day at lunch when he comes home between classes. We talk about (almost) everything. He is my soulmate and my love. We have our ups and downs, but we have a good marriage.

With the children ...
Our #1 son, Josiah is doing well. He is happy and he has been very healthy this winter for which I am thankful. Right now his fav thing is watching Clone Wars. Friday night can't come soon enough for him.

Around the homestead ...
Right now we're in a tiny campus apt, but we hope someday to have a real life homestead. I miss the days of having a wood burning stove, a garden and chickens. My emphasis of late has been purging for the upcoming move when hubby graduates. I have 2 more boxes in the car waiting to be dropped off at the thrift store.

In my “Inner Man” ....
My sister and I are starting to memorize a scripture a week together. This is on top of our Sunday night prayer times over the phone. I have been so enriched from having a weekly prayer time with her over the last few years. I haven't settled on a specific book of the Bible to read nor am I reading a devotional at the moment. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

What is your Inner Man? In 2 Corinthians 4 Paul gives us a clue about what he means when he says “the inner man”. In that scripture he says that “our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day” (4:16 KJV). So for Christians even though there is something about us that is getting old, decaying and deteriorating and dying..there is also something about us that is growing, becoming more alive, richer and stronger every day we live and follow Christ. That is what Paul calls our “inner man.”

(I'm following Mary Ann's lead by including this next one)

In the sewing room .... I finished up another coffee cozy yesterday. I made several for Christmas gifts and want to have a couple on hand to give away when I want to give something cute to someone. Gift giving (and receiving) is my love language. I'm in the middle of making some pj bottoms for #1 son. And I have some material to cut out for a top for myself. Not sure when I'll get to that.

This has been fun. If you like doing this kind of reflective stuff, join us over at The Christian HomeKeeper


Mary Ann said...

Glad you joined in! It was fun to read what you've been up to! You'll have to share how your bread comes out. I had the book from the library once but never made anything out of it since it was on hold for someone else and I couldn't renew! I'll have to check it out again.

Not sure if we're supposed to add stuff on our own to this or not. Since we don't have children yet, I thought I'd add the sewing room bit that would make it more me. :-)I love using it as a journal of sorts which is nice to refer back to after a while.

Jen said...

What a great post. Thanks for the glimpse into your life!