Friday, September 12, 2008

another fun meme

Found this meme over at another piece of the puzzle. Thot it looked fun, and a bit different from some of the other meme’s out there.

Out to Lunch (or Dinner)

1. When you go to a restaurant, do you usually order the same thing? Not always, tho there are a few favorites that I like.
2. What is your favorite fish dish? I rarely order fish in a restaurant, but if I do, it would be halibut or tuna.
3. What is your favorite meat dish? I absolutely LOVE prime rib! I also like ribs, steak and esp lamb.
4. What is you favorite vegetable? Corn on the cob.
5. How often to you eat out? it depends on how much money we have, but usually its only about 3-4x a month.
6. Do you usually order dessert? If yes, what? Again, depends on the restaurant. If it’s a restaurant known for good desserts, then yes. We will usually split a dessert. Something chocolate-y, or cheesecake, or crème brulee, or ….
7. Do you like a particular after dinner drink? No, not usually.
8. How far would you drive to go to a favorite restaurant? I might drive an hour. Maybe …
9. Do you like to dine with just one person or a group? I always enjoy eating out with my husband. And I also enjoy eating lunch with my sister or a girlfriend. With a group, it has to be the right group of friends.

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carrie said...

I agree with a group it has to be the right people...