Friday, September 19, 2008

Deep Water Aerobics

have you done water aerobics? in the deep end? wow! what an experience. i think i've discovered muscles i didn't know i had.

tues morning i donned my black, modest swimsuit and headed over to the YMCA. i went over to the pool and found a back floaty that i would use for the class. the other gals wore the ankle floaty's but i wasn't sure that would work for me so i stuck with the back one. the instructor was great and didn't make me feel like a duffus. half way thru i was feeling the effects of the cardio workout. my muscles felt ok, i was just feeling winded.

about 40 minutes into the hour we swam over to the ledge and did some exercises on the wall. by the time i got out i was feeling pleasantly tired. but it wasn't until today, a day later, that my muscles started letting me know that they are definitely not used to working that hard. i AM SORE! but not discouraged. in fact, i'm kind of liking it and proud of myself.

i'm planning on going every tues morning and i'm looking forward to the day when my muscles won't be sore.


Amazing_Grace said...

I wish we had that here. It's sounds like fun and a great workout to boot! :)

carrie said...

That's awesome!!!!! I started back to three days a week at Curves about two weeks ago and I'm feeling soooooo much better now!!!!

Peapod Four said...

I would sink. : )

Sherry C said...

Sounds like a great work out! I wish i had time to squeeze that in .. i think maybe next week I'll take Ashley to the pool for some swim therapy it will be good for both of us.