Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin

did you see Sarah speak last nite? Sarah Palin, VP nominee for the GOP? Govenor of Alask, Sarah Baracuda, bulldog in heels and lipstick Sarah Palin?

wow--what a gal. what a firecracker. a gal who doesn't hold back, who delivers the punch with a smile. what impressed me was that she was telling the truth in a very down to earth, common sense way. that we, normal people from flyover country can understand. she's one of us.

and she endeared me forever when i found out that she has a newborn with special needs and she calls him a joy! and then she blew me away when she said she'd be a friend and an ADVOCATE to all us parents with special children when she is VP. do you know how long we have been waiting for someone in the white house to say that? to have someone who knows what we go thru everyday with our children!

i like that she's a go-getter and wants to do something, not just say something that sounds good.

this is my first dip in the political blogging pool, so don't be too hard on me in the comment section. i've debated whether to blog about politics, but after seeing others blog about sarah i thot i'd join in. why? cuz i'm so excited. i'm a bit of a closet political junkie, esp around election time. but i have never been as excited about a candidate as i am about sarah palin.

so what say you? did you see sarah palin's speech? what did you think of it?


Beth K. Vogt said...

I watched the speech from beginning to end. Impressed with her poise and her quick wit. Loved the "pit bull with lipstick" adlib. Loved her "Come on, hit me with your best shot" attitude.
I'm a late-in-life mom like Sarah Palin--and so I connect heart-to-heart with her there.

Peapod Four said...

You know I loved her! : )

carrie said...

I didn't watch it. I like her. I won't vote for McCain. Sorry...I don't care for him...however, maybe in 2012 she'll run on her own ;)

*carrie* said...


I really haven't followed much of the pre-election stuff until this week. You're right--she's a firecracker! I really enjoyed hearing her speak.

Gayle said...

In my opinion, she's the only one I like in the whole election. If only she was the number one person on the ticket but I'll take her however I can get her.

The other Gayle