Monday, September 29, 2008

its a doggie dog world

this is a repost from last year on my seed stories blog. enjoy! (originally posted as beagle vs jack russell)

we have had a few different dogs throughout our marriage. our last dog was daisy, a jack russell terrier mix. she was a bit taller than most jacks, and her ears were a tad rounder and longer, her coloring on her face reminds us alot of the beagle that we had. several people, including our vet, thot she might have a touch of beagle in her. yikes!!! not beagle!

if you've read any of my seedstories you know that tho beagles can be outwardly cute, they can be (not all are) obstinate, head strong dogs. we had sophie for a year and a half. at first she was cute and adorable, but her strong will and disobedient nature eventually led to us finding a new home for her. we often remarked that sophie was like a picture of "the flesh" that wars against our new nature as christians. she fell into every temptation that came her way.

on the other hand, daisy has wanted to be part of the family since she came to live with us. she wanted to please us and was always watching for cues as to what we want. but every once in awhile, she also was tempted to go astray. one night she found an intriguing toy of joe's on the floor. she was starting to chew it when we noticed and told her to give it up. she dropped it and started to back off. we were delayed in picking it up due to too many things going on at the same time. daisy saw an opportunity and went back to grab the ball and scoot around to the back side of the sofa. michael noticed her action and sternly told her to stop! don't even think about it! she immediately dropped the ball. we saw a glimmer of the disobedient beagle in her, but her jack russell nature came to the forefront.

i think it is often the same with us. we want to please the Lord, we want to be obedient, but sometimes our flesh rises its ugly head. but God calls us back to obedience. there are times when i am tempted, and times when i even fall into the temptation, but then the Lord pulls me back, i'm reminded of my desire to be a part of God's family, to please Him in everything i do, and to be with Him. tho i dont' like my "beagle" nature, i'm glad the Lord has transformed me into a new creature in Christ and someday that "beagle" nature will be totally gone. i look forward to the day when i stand before Him. my hope is to hear His words of commendation: "well done faithful servant."

i have a busy day tomorrow but hope to be back on wed. (and don't forget, CHUCK is on tonight! season premiere. will you be watching?)

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