Thursday, September 18, 2008

my new craft & foodie blog

i've been pondering for awhile that this blog, challenges and adventures, is getting a bit unwieldy. i have so many interests, so many projects, so many differing ideas that i love to chat about. which is great, yet it leaves this blog a bit incoherant for the passerby who may not follow my blog on a daily or weekly basis.

so i've decided to narrow my focus. come back to the reason why i started this blog and to eliminate the extraneous stuff. now i couldn't just chuck it over the boat, no, i decided i would simply set up a new blog! one that will focus on my love of food, crafts, sewing etc. so if you wonder why i'm not talking about those subjects anymore its cuz i'm talking about them at handmade blessings

i'm still setting up the blog so dont' expect anything wonderful yet! but i have great plans for this blog. i'll be finding other crafty divas and foodies to share with my readers, i'll be showing off my successes and failures in those worlds, and i'll be havign some giveaways!

i hope you will keep reading my posts here at challenges and adventures. i'll still be showing off photos of my special son, sharing our life here on campus, bragging about my man, the student and giving you updates on silly or serious stuff. in fact, i hope you read both! well, i can hope can't i?


carrie said...

Thanks for the heads up ;) I'll add it to my list Gail!!

*carrie* said...


I'd seen that on your sidebar not long ago and wondered what you were "cooking up!" Ha!