Monday, September 01, 2008

This n That

here's some random this n that thots:

**our car battery died yesterday. we were planning on going to the Y to go swimming and the car wouldn't start. not even a bit. we changed plans, watched tv and walked over to a local pizzaria and had the best pizza we've had in a long time. yummmm!

**today hubster replaced the battery and that seemed to correct the problem on our speedy silver bullet. we took a drive up to the ski area outside of town and got to see some beautiful vistas. again, i forgot to take my camera. when i realized that, i told the hubster to remind me each time we get ready to go on an outing.

**sister in law (brother's wife) called and invited me out for coffee this morning. we had a great time relaxing over mochas and lattes. then we headed over to the new joanne fabrics on the east side of town. great fabrics, great patterns, great ambiance. i bought a shirt pattern and a coat pattern. i think i already have some fabric to make the shirt up, gotta find my stash, but i may have to buy some coat fabric this fall. also got a new knitting brochure with 12 dishrags to knit up. i love knitting up dishrags and seem to have lost the one i had in the move.

**i made up a tentative fall schedule for myself. subject to change if life changes. but so far, i think this may work well. exercising at the Y in the mornings, writing on the blog and other writing projects and creative projects in the afternoon. i know if i dont' get my workout in first thing in the morning, it usually doesn't get done. i have grand intentions, but not so grand follow thru.

**we still haven't found a church, and i think we're both getting a little tired of the hunt. any words of encouragement as we try to find a good church that works for our family dynamics would be appreciated.

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