Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Sept 11
what a day to write my list of thankful thots! in some ways hard, as this day reminds of a dark day in our history. yet, a great day to be thankful since we have not had another attack in 7 years! come join me today as i express my thankfulness to a Great God, who is Sovereign. others are also thankful today and joining up over at Sting My Heart. go visit and you'll be blessed.

Lord, first off on this infamous day, i am so thankful for your protection. on me, on my family, on our nation. thank you for keeping us safe from other attacks in the last 7 years.

Lord, thank you for the faithful soldiers who are fighting far from home, to ensure that our world is a safer place. thank you for their sacrifice. and thank you for their families who endure so much hardship in their service to this great country.

Lord, thank you that we can worship you when and where we want, in freedom. thank you that we can share about you freely with others without fear of reprisal.

Lord, i thank you for the date nite that hubby and i were able to enjoy last weekend. thank you for our friendship with each other as well as with others.

Lord, thank you for the little boys in joe's class who invited him to play tag this week. thank you for their tender hearts towards my non-verbal son. thank you that joe was included and all the boys had fun. Lord, i pray that this will be the beginning of some true friendships for my son.

Lord, i thank you that we are finally feeling like we are getting settled here in boise. it always takes me some time, but i really am starting to feel like this is home.

and Lord, thank you for our friends who are bringing up a few more things from our house this weekend. help us to find space for the items, or new owners for them.

isnt' being thankful great? it just lifts your spirits, calms your soul, and energizes you throughout your day.

on another note, go over to a celebration of our journey and read her tribute to 9/11. it touched me mightily. she also has a video on her site. now i'm not a big one for watching videos. i never seem to have the time, and my computer's sound system is flaky, but this one is worth it. take the extra moment.


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing such precious blessings.

Anonymous said...

It is so good to be thankful! I appreciated your comment this morning and no, I don't mind that you linked to my post. Have a wonderful day!

Beth K. Vogt said...

I appreciate your celebration of thankfulness--and how the other little boy reached out to your son.
Thanks for encouraging me during a tough week. I'm still savoring others' TT posts!