Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What's Better than a New Purse?

i'm coming out of the closet ... with my large collection of purses. yes, its true, i LOVE purses! small purses, big purses, black purses, colorful purses, totes, satchels, clutches and all the rest. so imagine my glee when i found that momdot is hosting a contest to win a cute, raspberry colored purse. did i mention that it is cute? actually its adorable!

i dont' really NEED another purse, as my hubby would tell you, but you see i have this addiction. i dont' buy alot of clothes or shoes, but i could buy a new purse every week if i had bill gates daughters trust fund. which i dont'.

i have alot of black purses. i love black, cuz it goes with everything, i have a tapestry purse my mother in law gave me. i have a great red purse which makes me happy. i have a felted black, red and taupe purse that my dear friend made for me last Christmas.i bought 2 black and white polka dot purses this summer. and my most recent purchase was a black and white striped ditty. oh so cute!

did i mention that i change my purses out often too. i may use one purse for a week or a month, but then i need to change to a different purse. its in my blood. purses are accessories and i need change!

my passion goes so far that i've even been trying to sew purses! trying is the operative word here. the first one was a bust but that is ok, cuz i was just using scrap fabric. but the 2nd one (same pattern) is on hold, cuz i'm stuck. and i really like the black tweed-y fabric. i REALLY WANT this one to turn out. but if i win this raspberry beauty i may be passified for awhile.

now you know i'm going to win this purse, but if you want to go ahead and enter to win (all the time knowing you wont' win, cuz I'M going to win) head on over to MomDot and enter. but don't say i didn't warn you, cuz I'M GOING TO WIN!!!


cousin Joy said...

I had a purse in high school/college that had a wooden handle and a fabric bottom that would snap out, so I could have matching purses made to any dresses made. It was pretty cool! However, those days are behind me. It's much too much work to me to bother moving items between purses!

*carrie* said...


That is fascinating! I have two purses--one brown, and one black. I do, however, have several cute tote bags!

Krystal aka Mommy K said...

I need a purse! My hubby made em throw out all the purses I had if I wanted to buy 2 pairs of boots that I really wanted so I said fine. I kept my 2 bags that I used to use all the time. One became part of the garbage after my son spilled grape juice all over it and it was stained until no return and the other is the one I am using now and is tearing apart at the seams but Hubby refuses to buy me a new one - Good luck!!