Friday, September 05, 2008

I Need A Haircut!!!

it has been way too long since i've had my hair trimmed. i really, REALLY need a haircut. my hair is brown, and its past my shoulders. i wear bangs and glasses. so i'm thinking of going into a salon and asking for sarah palin haircut! do you think the hair stylist would even know who she is?

my need for a haircut is part of a bigger issue tho. i haven't really settled into a new, fall routine since the move. the month of august was upheaval. with joe out of school and limited help for him, trying to get settled and unpacked, getting michael ready for his classes. whew! now with both boys in school i have a bit more time to get settled, tho it still seems like its slow going.

i have yet to make out a weekly dinner menu as is my custom. my grocery shopping is sporadic. on the plus side, i have been able to use my breadmaker a couple times and yes, we are eating every day. but i have high standards for myself.

so next week i've promised myself that i will find a salon and get a haircut. and maybe i will ask for the sarah palin haircut!


Mary Ann said...

This made me laugh because we watched the convention at our local Republican headquarters last night. One lady remarked how she thinks the Sarah Palin hairstyle is going to make it's comeback. One of the men said,"What do you mean come back. It's just gotten to Alaska!"

Personally, I really like the hairstyle myself.:-)

Regarding your earlier post about the election- we really really like Palin. Her being on the ticket has boosted our view of McCain; whom we were planning to vote for before as conservative Republicans, but only because we really dislike what the Democratic nominee stands for or what we don't know about what he stands for. Whatever that is!

carrie said...

wait, they're supposed to eat every day? I'm supposed to go grocery shopping?

I KNEW I was forgetting stuff....

Kimberly said...

It is so nice to meet you! Thanks for coming by my place and commenting!

I am so bad to go LONG periods of time without getting a haircut. Usually my mother lets me know it is long overdue. I just hate spending the money! :)

I LOVE the quote by C.S.Lewis in your header. I say I want God's will for my life, but there is always a part of me that is a little nervous about what His will is going to be. But I know He is so worthy of my trust!