Monday, September 08, 2008


(spoiler alert! if you are planning on seeing the movie you may not want to read past the first paragraph)

(i have been trying to add photos to this blog all day and blogger is not cooperating with me! ugh. so i'm going to post now and if later i can add pics of the movie i will do so. sigh ...)

my hubby told me last week that he wanted to take me out saturday nite. what fun! a date, instigated by him, no less. since i am the social secretary for our family this job falls to me most often. we decided to go see the movie mama mia. a couple different people told us they had liked it so we thot, why not? it has some good actors and the plot looks enjoyable enough. what no one had told us was that it was a musical! we have nothing against musicals, in fact, we kinda like them. but to see the actors break into song kinda caught us off guard!

hubby was a good sport, since it really is a chick flick. there were a group of women behind us, probably 5 or 6 laughing loudly and making a ruckus. but we were laughing too. it is hilarious, and touching too. the friendship between the women is what draws one in.

there are questionable parts to the plot from a christian point of view: promiscuity leading to a pregnancy. but in light of sarah palin's daughter being pregnant, one line stood out to me. where meryl's character says that when she told her mom that she was pregnant, her mom told her to never come home. i was struck by how sad that kind of judgement is. for the daughter, for the mother, for the family as a whole. what a difference from the palin family who is gathered around bristol and her fiancee and giving them moral support to get thru this challenging time in their lives.

and for the romantic in me, i loved the ending where the "old boyfriend" and donna get married after 20 years. ahhhh! we left the theatre singing "waterloo" all the way home.


Sherry C said...

Gail sounds like such a nice night. Glad you enjoyed yourself so much you!

*carrie* said...


Some friends invited me to this movie, and I knew nothing about it beforehand. I had so much fun, and smiles most of the way through!