Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 weeks into the year ...

2 . 0 . 0 . 9 (revisited)

as i wrote 3 weeks ago, i like to set resolutions and goals. i'm into writing down stuff, but i lack in the follow thru department. can i hear an "amen" from the gallery?? and this year is no exception. here are my 4 goals i put down on paper (and this blog). i thot by keeping it to 4 it would be more doable ...

this year as i look ahead, i am resolved to eat better. eat healthy. carve out some healthy b'fast's and lunches for myself.

i'm resolved to workout at the Y. to try a yoga class. to try a pilates class. and to get moving on the treadmill or in the pool: 4x a week.

i'm resolving to continue to declutter. i have been decluttering for 2 years now. a slow process, but a good one. and one i have seen success with.

and i'm resolving to get into the Word. DAILY. a hard one for me, but a necessary one. and i know that God will help me succeed.

i am disappointed to say that i'm not doing well in any of the 4 categories. i blame it on still having hubby around. today was his first day back to school. can we all sigh a huge sigh of relief in unison? so i feel like the last 3 weeks we have still been on vacation. and i haven't been in my regular routine. but even if he had gone to school earlier,like everyone else did, i probably would still be limping around not getting much done on my goals.

so blogging friends, help me out here. how do you keep your goals in front of you? how do you make headway on whatever you have set out to do? and how do you make those things a habit, a way of life when you finally decide to change?

i'm not giving up, i'm not even starting over. i am plowing ahead focused on my resolutions and praying the Lord gives me strength to succeed.


Amazing_Grace said...

Well, to keep me fit and exercising, I'm too cheap to buy new clothes so I eat right and work out. LOL!

carrie said...

I am going to Curves on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Honestly Gail what I did was made myself a schedule and I know I have to stick to it in order to get everything done ;) My exercising and making salads for lunch is even on it!!!

*carrie* said...


For me, what works best is starting small. I tend to have grand expectations and want things to change "all at once," but I've learned that small steps are better for me. I'm more likely to make progress that way.

Thanks for sharing your goals!