Tuesday, January 27, 2009

question for my faithful readers???

i know i have a couple of you that pop in here to read whats been going on at challenges and adventures on a regular basis. and i am so thankful for that, otherwise i'd feel like the old, homeless man in the grocery store talking out loud to myself and the soup can. but that's besides the point ...

for those of you who do come by this part of bloggyland, i'd like some input. as most of you know we have a special son who has Angelman Syndrome or AS, tho not to be confused with AS/Aspergers/Autism. and most of you know that my hubby had an accident and is now legally blind/visually impaired and more cranky than he used to be---ooops! maybe you didn't know that last part.

i don't delve into alot of details about living with 2 males with disabilites, and i don't share alot of my own personal grief/emotions/ and issues, but i have noticed that i do enjoy reading others who have blogs that do share more about the disabilities that they experience with family members. so .... would you, as a reader, be more interested/less interesterd/doesn't matter if i included more about our issues. i guess i've hesitated cuz i didn't want to come across as a downer or use this blog as my venting space. leave me a comment, and tell me why if you choose the more or less interested option, please!

thanks peeps! i appreciate all who read and esp all those that comment. we bloggers LOVE comments!!!


Amazing_Grace said...

I think we (parents of special needs children) can learn from each other and sharing our thoughts and interventions really helps everyone in the long run. Finding other parents that are like us is very therapeutic in so many ways. Blogging about our triumphs and downfalls lets others know that we are not alone in this world and raising a child with special needs has its ups and downs.

Deryk and Jo said...

PLEASE vent Gail, where else do you have an audience who is just here soley to see how you and your family is doing? I read because I am interested in YOU and your life. I'm here to read the good and the bad and I'll always share with you the mood of the blog because I care so much about you and your family and have a special interest in that sweet boy of yours. I'm here to read and learn from you :)

Katie said...

I know that when I personally come across a post that shares a personal story, I pray for requests as I find them. Personal stories are so touching and I agree that much support and information can be gained in this way.

Thank you for sharing this part of your life with all of us!


*carrie* said...


I think of a blog as a journal in a lot of ways. So I'd much prefer you really share what's on your heart than feeling like you need to post something "light." Though my situation looks much different from yours, we can all find ways to relate to one another.

Rachel Ann said...

Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day last week. I appreciated all the bloggy love! Sorry I'm so long in returning the favor!!!

Maddy said...

I don't really know. It's hard to get the balance right between self expression and self preservation.
Best wishes

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

I read a quote last night regarding journaling (which I think blogging is often a form of) that said, "How else can we learn about ourselves if not by forcing our hands to tell the truth about our hearts?" - Nicole Johnson. So, go for it, whatever is upon your heart, write. The one thing humans are bound together in is pain, suffering, and struggle. And when someone writes about theirs it tends to unite us b/c truly, we all relate in some way.

Trish said...

I agree that you should share what's on your heart. It's okay to vent - think of it like having a conversation with a good friend so that you can return to your regular life refreshed.

I also will often take a moment to pray for people who are having a rough time. Sometimes you have to let it all out so you can feel better.

Light posts are fun and I love them, but sharing your heart is how we get to really connect with people. It can also help people going through similar circumstances or just starting out dealing with disability to feel like they are not alone.