Saturday, January 10, 2009

Games People Play

hubby and i have always been game players. we enjoy group games as well as games just for the two of us. we've recently resurrected our habit of playing backgammon. early in our marriage, before #1 son came along, we played a game or two of backgammon every evening after dinner. this year, hubby comes home midday from school, we eat lunch and we play our game. we stick with one a day. and we don't actually play backgammon, but a variation of the game called acey-deucey. there's a bit more luck involved which is either great (if you're winning) or awful (if you're losing) and can change the winds of the game at any moment!

when we're with other couples we enjoy playing pinnocle, a great card game. we've also played hearts, and spades. one couple that we know always seems to have a new card game to show us how to play. which means they know how to play and we don't. guess who wins? every time???

if we're visiting hubby's family we'll play sequence, mexican train, or pinocchle if its just the inlaws and us. can't really play pinocchle with more than 4 people. my mother-in-law and i make a great team and win over the guys alot.

how bout you? i noticed around the blogosphere that lots of folks play games over Christmas and New Years. i even saw some games that i had never heard of before. i'm feeling the urge to learn some new games to play. so, what do you and your spouse like to play? what games do you play when you're with a big group?


*carrie* said...

We love games--haven't played Backgammon in forever, though, and had never heard of the version you mentioned.

The only card game we play is Nertz, but we also love lots of board games like Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, The Castle, and Lost Cities.

Named Alicia said...

We love to play games! But you know, I have never played Backgammon. I guess I'll look into it. Our newest favorite is Skipbo. Lots of fun. We also like to play Racko and Triominoes.

I love to play Scrabble. But hubby is dyslexic, so we don't usually play that one together. I do play it with his 88 yr old grandmother. I have to be careful. At 88, she's still awefully spry!

Take care my friend! Have fun playing!