Monday, January 26, 2009

catching up ...

did you know that getting on facebook can really put a dent into your blogging time? i feel like i've been neglecting my blog(s) and don't like that one bit! not one bit!!! so i'm resolved to spend a little less time playing around on facebook and a bit more time writing the intelligent, deep, humorous, suspenseful posts that i'm SO well known for--HA! well, maybe just some random ramblings will sufice.

how was your weekend? ours was good. we spent a minimal amount of time at circuit city, you know the store that has announced its going out of biz. we saw overpriced merchandise marked down 10%. what's up with that? i thot when you went out of biz you wanted to get rid of the stuff. you know, marked down say 50% or more! sigh ...

then we went to costco and looked around. we were actually there to get our son his pizza fix for the weekend. didn't find anything we couldn't live without, but did note a couple items for future purchases. and we ran into a friend from our former town--so fun! she was demonstrating a product so we chatted for a bit, til a customer came and claimed her attention.

church was good as usual. one interesting tidbit pastor shared was that the average attender comes 3 weeks out of every 5. i'm sure that average includes times when families are sick, on vacation, snowed in, the elderly who are recooperating from surgery or something. but still, that really suprised me. i guess cuz i live with a husband who insists on going every week, come h*ll or highwater!

yesterday afternoon, the hubster took #1 son to see the new kevin james movie: mall cop. both he and joe enjoyed it. and i enjoyed having the house to myself and working on valentine cards. crafting is my therapy. i absolutely love it. and tho its not nec cheap, its probably cheaper than seeing a therapist every week at $90 a pop. so thank you hubby! for giving me a gift of time to dabble in my crafts. he's a good man.

now today is the beginning of a new week. things on the to-do list beckoning me, laundry piles needing to be washed, dried and folded, food to be made, dishes to be washed, and people to be loved on.

have a wonderful week, peeps. i will be posting so come back soon.


*carrie* said...


Glad you had some fun crafting time.

I can see how Facebook could eat up a lot of time, but I refuse to let it because I'd rather read blogs!

Deryk and Jo said...

I think it's funny about Mike going to church no matter what, That is EXACTLY how my father was. in fact, He got mad at me for having appendacitis(who knows if that is how you spell it) on a Sunday and having to go to the emergency room right in the middle of the church hours!! I now carry on that strict tradition, but the week just feels better when you start it out, or finish it, with worship.

Mary Ann said...

We saw the new Kevin James movie last weekend as well. It's pretty funny!

I'm not on Facebook yet but my husband and some other family members are. My goodness! It can be quite addicting!:-)

Trish said...

I felt the same way about Circuit City - like they marked everything up before putting it on sale!

I am up and down with Facebook, sometimes I spend a lot of time there and other times I ignore it, depends on my mood. :)