Monday, January 19, 2009

Fondue & Cards

sat night we dropped the #1 son off at the babysitters and headed over to our friends for some fondue---yum! yum! and a friendly game of pinnochle. we started off the evening with shrimp cocktail and a glass of wine spritzer, then moved onto the cheese fondue with yummy bread and apples. after the eating was over and the bellies stuffed, the girls wiped out the competion by helping the men go set and dig themselves into a big hole. we took pity on them later on in the game and let them catch up a little.

no pics of the fun night, not becuz i didn't have my camera, which i did. but it never saw the light of the party cuz i was having so much fun, i didn't even think of it! how's that for a lame blogger? we could have partied farther into the night, but we had curfew and there is this thing called church on sunday morning.

all in all tho, it was a great time of good conversation, good food and joyful noise. i think i could get used to doing this more often.

how bout you? when was the last time you dropped off the kiddos at the babysitters and went out with your honey? do tell!


Amazing_Grace said...

How I just LOVE cheese fondue! YUM!!!!!

Make it a monthly thing and have fun! What about having it on a Friday night so you can stay out later? :)

Sherry C said...

That's sounds like a great time Gail! I could use some of that fun, food and relaxation with friends but Babysitters for three soon to be four are rare my parents love taking care of the kids but live a 5 hour drive away. However they still come very often to see us.