Monday, January 05, 2009

Blogs: How Many Do You Read?

how many blogs do you read regularly? 3? 8? 10? 20? how many is too many? do you read all the blogs you highlight on your blogroll?

these were the questions flitting thru my brain tonite, as i scanned my blogroll for new content and realized that some blogs i skip and should really take off my blogroll. these aren't the only blogs i read. i also have blogs in my favorites folder. i also have bloglines, but don't check in there very often. i like actually going to the blogs and seeing the photos, colors, widgets, etc

so if i spend a couple hours reading 20+ blogs on the weekend, is that too much? anyone know someone who reads 30 or more blogs on a regular basis?

and how do you choose which blogs to read? what if you find a really great blog--do you add it to your blogrolls? what does a blog have to have to make the cut for you?

i'd love to know. leave me some comment love. i'll come visit your blog, if you do.


Amazing_Grace said...

I read the blogs on my blog roll. If I see something that interests me I go to that blog. :)

Oh, that's about 30 blogs in my blog roll.

Kathy in WA said...

Gail - great question! I have such a difficult time with this. Last year I spent hours and hours reading blogs. I would be sure to comment and try to connect with people as much as possible.

Now I find I need to sleep (I think I was existing on NO SLEEP) and I just can't stay up late and spend so much time on blogging.

I wish I could just read blogs all day. Ha! There are wonderful ideas, thoughts and people out there. I miss the time.

carrie said...

I have about 40 something blogs on my blog roll however, not all of those are updated daily and the ones that are don't get read daily by me ;) I try to get to them every day but it doesn't always happen...LOL! I don't think there is such a thing as too many...

Rhoni Renee said...

Oh excellent question.

First a confession. I don't have a blogroll on my site. I really should set it back up.

That being said, I have probably 30blogs I check on a daily basis. They don't all update everyday and I rarely comment so I don't end up spending alot of time. I have a few in my faves that I never visit anymore and a couple that I only catch up once a week or so.

*carrie* said...


I have 37 blogs in my Google reader. I would say about 10 of those rarely post updates (but they're people I know in real life), so I *try* to keep up with the daily or bi-weekly posts of the other two dozen.

gail said...

great comments folks!

sounds like most of you read when you can, and since some blogs don't update daily you can keep up with it. that's how i manage it too. i find i like to comment and i try to comment on blogs that i really enjoy. that way i feel more connected with those blogs.

i think i can go overboard finding new blogs. checking out other blogs on others blogrolls or clicking on a commenters link. i'm amazed at how many great blogs and bloggers are out there.

like kathy mentioned above, i could lose sleep and just read! but a sleep deprived gail is not a pretty sight!

Trish said...

Well, this is a bit embarrassing, but I have 160 blogs in my Google Reader. Quite a few of those are miscellaneous ones about blogging itself that I only read when something directly interests me, and the rest are either local friends, mommy bloggers I found when I started, or special needs bloggers.

I scroll through the list and read what catches my eye and go comment if I have something to say, but sometimes I just clear them all and start over! I always try to visit people that comment on my posts or who show up in my Google alert (meaning they have linked to me).

I know there's no way I could keep up with everyone, but I just read and comment when I have time and don't worry about it the rest of the time.

My blogroll at Another Piece is all special needs and very long, but only shows the most recently updated ones on the site, so it changes all the time. On my new blog, I am putting different ones that I like.

Named Alicia said...

I have lost track of how many blogs I read. The ones that I am following I keep up with every day. Then there are others that are in my feeder. I don't get to those as often.

I need to do a blogroll. I had one before my makeover, but I have put another back up. Mostly because there are still a few things I want to change.

As my list grows, I am finding it harder to keep up. But each of you ladies have become so special to me. So I try to make the effort to come by at least every other day. I have been amazed at the friends I have made. These are friends that I may never meet in real life on this earth, but I feel a real connection with them. I am forever grateful for these freinds! And I am grateful for the God who brought them to me!

Mary Ann said...

I have about 50 blogs in my blogroll. I also subscribe to several Xanga blogs (family)that rarely update but when they do, updates are sent to my inbox.

I actually read more blogs since reading through Bloglines than before when I would click to each one to see if they were updated. Like some others already stated, not everybody updates daily or even weekly so I just read their new posts when they pop up.

As far as how I choose which blogs to read, I add the ones that I really like. It could be anything, really. I like blogs that focus on regular home life, simplicity, natural living, some frugality and lots of cooking. I could spend hours reading well-written cooking blogs and printing out lots of recipes to try.

Every so often, I find that I'm just not enjoying a blog as much as I did at one point and I remove those that I don't care to read anymore.

I enjoy reading your blog since we were swap partners and I feel like I know you!:-)