Tuesday, January 13, 2009

another dog???

when we had to find daisy, our jack russell terrier, a new home cuz we were moving, i thot that we were done with dogs. since the loss of my beloved spunkie who we had had for 16 years when we were first married and who was simply the BEST. DOG. EVER. we have tried to replace her. not a great idea. and none of the dogs ever measured up, tho daisy was a great dog and probably the closest to her supreme forerunner, spunky.

not only did i finally realize that we were never going to find another "spunky", but our family just really didn't have time for another dog. and it was just too painful to find these dogs a new home.

but my thinking has slowly been changing this christmas season. each time we see a cute commercial with a dog in it (and there are plenty), josiah signs dog. i usually talk to him about dogs when he signs, which his speech therapist has told me is great to do with non-verbal children. and then earlier this fall i had a picture of daisy on the blog and whenever josiah saw her picture he would sign dog.

one day last week when josiah saw a dog and signed, i asked him if he wanted another dog. he nodded his head emphatically. i was actually suprised that he was so sure. he and daisy had a love/hate relationship. he had a hard time learning to be gentle with her, and she would nip at him to get him to back off. there were no permanent wounds and i always stepped in to break them up.

so i continued to ask joe at different moments whether he wanted a dog. each time he said yes, i knew this wasn't a passing fancy. why i was suprised was riduculous, as its a well know fact that kids with Angelman Syndrome LOVE dogs.

so i talked to hubby and told him that i thot we might have to consider getting a dog after he graduates and we get into a real house again. he agreed with my reasoning, which also suprised me.

then hubby took joe to see marley & me to give me a break on sat. hubby came home raving about the movie. he wished i had gone along to watch it, but since i knew how it ended i didn't really want to. and i know if we get another dog at some point, i know there will be an ending to the dog that i don't really want to go there either. sigh ...

i love dogs, but i just don't know if i'm emotionally ready to get another one, knowing that they only live so long ... thankfully, we dont' have to make a decision til hubby graduates and we move out of these "no dogs allowed" apts. maybe by then, i'll know~~~


*carrie* said...


Like the new quote and photo!

I acquired my dog via marriage. =) It will be a sad day when Reg is no longer with us. He's laying near my feet as I type this--so sweet.

mommytoalot said...

I think my little guy would be way to rough with a small dog.
..and dh is not a fan of big dogs..so its only rodents for us..

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

That would be fun. I have wanted a dog. But I don't think my cats would appreciate it. And hubby doesn't like dogs. Isn't that odd for a man? He likes cats, but not dogs. It's partly because he was bitten as a child. But mostly he just doesn't like them. Oh well, enough babbling. I really should go to bed now.

Take care my friend! I pray you are having a good week!

Trish said...

Great minds think alike, I guess! That is too funny that you posted about whether to get a dog - I think we just need to wait until both my husband and I are really ready.

Good luck making your decision!